Carti din care cresc seminte

Urmatorul atelier „Seminte de fericire”: Oradea, 8 februarie. 

Suntem mereu intrebati care sunt cartile si autorii care ne-au udat semintele de fericire. Incercam o lista incompleta mai jos (specificat in paranteza care sunt traduse in romana).

Ati vrea sa ne scrieti care sunt ale voastre ?

Thich Nhat Hanh – toate, in special Understanding Our Mind
William Young – The Shack (rom.)
Scott Peck – A Road Less Traveled (rom.), A Different Drum
Daniel Quinn – Ishmael (si continuarile)
Marshall Rosenberg – toate despre comunicare nonviolenta (rom.)
Jacques Salome – toate despre comunicare
Joe Vitale – Zero Limits (rom.) (rom.)
Thorwald Dethlefsen, Rudiger Dahlke – The Healing Power of Illness (rom.)
Mahatma Gandhi – The Story of My Experiments with the Truth
Ken Wilber – No Boundary (rom.)
Ryane Eisler – The Chalice and the Blade
Johanna Macy – World as Lover, World as Self
Rumi, Hafiz – toate
Eckhart Tole – The Power of Now (rom.)
David Hawkins – Transcending the Levels of Consciousness (rom.)
Sunni Karll – Sacred Birthing
Jane Liedloff – Continuum Concept (rom.)
Frithjof Capra – The Tao of Physics (rom.)
Morihei Ueshiba – The Art of Peace (rom.)
John Perkins – Shapeshifting
Evans, Smiley, Smith – The Hand Sculpted House (rom.)

Anthony de Mello – toate

Richard Bach – Illusions (rom.)

Neale Donald Walsch – Coversations with God (rom.)

Krishnamurti – The Only Revolution (rom.)

Goenka – The Art of Living (rom.)

Fukuoka – The One Straw Revolution (rom.)